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I Can Only Imagine


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“I was blown away by this movie!”

Dr. Clarence Shuler, President and CEO, Building Lasting Relationships
“Heart-warming, soul-engaging, and spirit-inspiring! One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time—an authentic, raw, true story of redemption.”

Dr. Michelle Watson, Fatherhood Expert, Author, Speaker, Radio host
“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is a wonderful film with brilliant actors telling an extraordinary story of transformation and redemption. You will be moved to tears of sorrow and great joy.”

Steve Arterburn, Founder, New Life Ministries
“The Erwin Brothers have remarkably brought a true story of forgiveness and redemption to life! The quality and impact of the film were excellent.”

Steve Douglass, President, Cru
“The song ‘I Can Only Imagine’ has inspired millions and this film will inspire millions more. This story has something for everyone so do whatever it takes to watch the film!”

Les Bradford, CEO, YM360
“Awesome movie with a powerful message.”

Dr. David B. Heller, Director of Missions, Columbus Baptist Association
“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE embodies the same powerful message of hope that made us fall in love with the song. This true story reminds us that it’s never too late to forgive and we’re never too broken for God’s redemption.”

Pastor Kyle Idleman, Southeast Christian Church
“This is the greatest Christian film that I’ve ever seen. This movie is going to impact people powerfully.”

Pastor Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship
“It doesn’t matter what odds a man faces in being a great dad—there’s always hope, and this film models forgiveness and restoration between fathers and sons better than any I’ve seen. Whether you think you’ve got it all together as a dad or are certain you’re a mess, this is a movie that has the power to inspire you to want to be there for your family.”

Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family
“The Erwin Brothers have done it again! I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is a film that captures your attention, entertains the family, and delivers a message of hope and reconciliation for each one of us longing for a second chance. Don’t miss this movie!”

Scott Dawson, Evangelist and Chief Development Officer, Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association
“A must-see movie for any family that needs to be reminded of God’s incredible ability to restore relationships. If you appreciated the song, you will love the movie.”

Clair Hoover, Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men
“This is an inspiring movie and true story that provides a powerful, faith-filled message of overcoming life’s challenges, taking risks, and hope for a better future. The song ‘I Can Only Imagine’ has been heard all over the world. This is a must-see movie.”

Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Governor
“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is more than a movie about a song. It is an incredible story of God healing a broken relationship between a father and a son.”

Mark Merrill, President, Family First
“This movie is a reminder that we need to be honest, passionate and humble in every relationship. I heartily recommend it.”

Ken Canfield PhD, Founder of The National Center for Fathering
“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE beautifully illustrates the power the love of God has in changing the human heart and restoring the soul.”

Susan Merrill, Founder, iMom